Advantech Wireless

Advantech Wireless
Advantech Wireless is the leading wireless broadband communications solution provider for CommercialCritical Infrastructure & Government clients. Our smarter solutions give clients the freedom reach farther, to achieve reliable connectivity anywhere in the world, and accomplish critical missions of global significance. We design turnkey terrestrial and satellite communications solutions that maximize performance and minimize operational costs, all with uncompromising quality. With our customized approach, award-winning R&D and innovative engineering, we empower you to achieve excellence in communication, while you experience reduced CAPEX and OPEX overall.

Innovative Thinking, Powerful Results

At Advantech Wireless, we design, manufacture and deploy networking for broadband connectivity, broadcast solutions, video contribution and distribution and mobile backhaul, using satellite and terrestrial wireless technologies. Our revolutionary technologies include next generation VSAT hubs and terminals, world-leading GaN technology high power amplifiers, SSPAs, block-up converters (SSPB), frequency converters, satellite SCPC modems, fixed and deployable antennas, antenna controllers and terrestrial microwave radios.

Our bold and innovative thinking helps a smarter world overcome the most daunting challenges. Ultimately, we help people stay connected and informed using the most advanced terrestrial and satellite communication technologies on the planet. With corporate offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Russia, Brazil and Venezuela, Advantech Wireless’ reach extends around the globe.