Huaxin Antenna

Huaxin Antenna

Huaxin Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 1985. The company is located near Shanghai, China.

Huaxin manufactures highly precision antennas, e.g. satellite both receive only antennas and receive/transmit  as well as other satellite communication antennas and a full frequency range microwave antennas. 

Huaxin has achieved ISO9001-2000 Quality Assurance Certification. The company continues to focus on new technologies for the International Enterprise market with emphasis on integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales.

The series of Huaxin satellite communication antennas offer advanced technical indexes due to the unique shaped and technology and has type approval and  Access Certification from most leading satellite operators.

The area of the factory is about 20,000 m2. The company has sets of product lines for antenna tools and the advanced HP measurement instruments made in USA, there is a large-scale examination hall for antennas, and employs over 50 of the finest and most professional technicians, renowned antenna designers and measurement experts in China. The major products of Huaxin include the series of satellite RX and RX/TX satellite antennas as well as other types of satellite communication antennas. The company produces approximately 100,000 sets of antennas annually.

These fine satellite antenna products guarantee a win-win situation between the company and our customers. We offer excellent performance, reasonable prices and make customer service our top priority. Our promise to customers is the reliable quality and complete warranty after sales.