Shaanxi Tianyi Antenna Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Tianyi Antenna Co., Ltd

Founded in 2004, Shaanxi Tianyi Antenna Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in development, application and manufacture of the special antenna and the composite materials reflectors.

The company is committed itself in research and production of advanced fiber compound material antenna, such as the carbon fiber. The products contains satellite communication carbon fiber antenna, radar antenna, glass fiber radom, carbon fiber structure, carbon fiber box and other composite materials products, which are mainly used in aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons and other military or non-military area.

Our products contains flyaway antenna, auto-acquisition antenna, drive-away antenna, SOTM antenna, maritime SOTM antenna and reflectors with various aperture, which are widely used in public security, fire control, transportation, Customs, electricity department and Telecom and other enterprises and institutions, etc.

Adhering to the Philosophy of Harmony, Innovation, Excellence and Honesty, the company will provide its customers with the best quality products and services, being ready to make new contributions to the advanced composite materials development and application of China.